Thursday, December 27, 2012

All Souls Chapel- Petit Manan National Wildlife Refuge Summer 2012

A rural community sign on a gravel  points the way to All Souls Chapel .
Walking along the road  toward the chapel with photographer Kirsten Palmer Thompson several rabbits
dashed across the road.

All Souls by the Sea Chapel is nestled off Church Road in the Petite Manan National Wildlife Refuge in Steuben, Maine. At first glance it is reminiscent of those found in rural  areas of England.

Walking on the beach stone steps to the chapel's entrance  caused me to enter slowly as if entering
a place of peace and tranquility.

On my left as I entered the chapel area is a baptismal font fashioned by the force of nature and sea.


Under brightly lite windows a  narrow cloth draped  table decorated two vases filled with real flowers, two unburned candles, and a  cross  in the center set in stone helped to create a sense of simplicticy.

Front view of table.

On one wall where worshipers can see it easily, a hand written sign noted page numbers of hymns to be sung.

Kate Luurtsena organist at all Souls Chapel practices on a pump organ. She summers with her parents in the Petite Manan Wildlife Refuge.

The architecture of the chapel pews is comfortable yet unadorned.

The Chapel's Bible rests on a cedar post with matching curved braces.

An antique lamp from a bygone  era hangs from the ceiling.
Hymnals and Bibles lay on the church benches.

A small window graced with flower attracts your attention 

Near the entry way is an offering plate.
Services are led by local residents and held at 9 am on Sundays. 

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  1. I seemed to have missed this chapel in my years wandering the DownEast Coast of Maine...
    The photos are wonderful and I shall seek this site out.
    Thank you very much.